Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal treatment which is also known as an endodontic treatment removes infected, injured or dead pulp from a tooth. Root canal treatment is a good alternative to extraction and it can save your tooth. Are you looking for a Vancouver endodontist (root canal specialist Vancouver)? Look no further and contact our dental office.

During the treatment your Vancouver endodontist will remove the damaged or dead pulp and clean, shape and fill the remaining space. This procedure seals off the root canal. Root canal therapy helps to save many teeth and is a good alternative to teeth extractions.

Root Canal treatment is performed in several steps and it requires several visits of your endodontist in Vancouver.

How is the Root Canal Treatment done:

Root Canal treatment begins with the standard drill that enables to access the inside of the tooth. In addition slower speed round drills can then be used to remove decay and to expose the canals. The Vancouver endodontist then uses tiny files to remove the contents of these canals. The manual method of root canal treatment involves using increasing file sizes that gently clean and shape these canals. A tooth may have one or multiple canals. Using the manual treatment method of filling the canals involves checking the cone sizes then placing the rubber cones covered with liquid sealer into the canals. Once enough cone has been placed spreading instruments can then be used to compact the cones even further. After the canal has been tightly sealed the excess rubber cones are removed with the heated instrument. The heated instrument can also be used to heat and compact the cones to better fill the canal space. For achieving the optimum treatment results one or more posts may be placed to strengthen the tooth and retain the filling. In the video a light cured resin is used to fill the space. It is soft when placed in the tooth and harden with the bright light afterwords. At this stage the tooth is still in a weakened state and can break with heavy biting. The best treatment usually involves preparing the tooth and covering it with a full crown which is sometimes called a cap. Any pathology that may occur at the tip of the root should disappear with time and the tooth will be saved and  replaced with dental implants.

How long will the tooth last after root canal treatment?

The restored tooth can last for a lifetime with a proper dental care. However, regular check-ups and proper dental hygiene are necessary in order to maintain your dental health. If your tooth ends up deteriorating and needs to be extracted, you can always consider the options of getting dental implants with the help of a Dental Implants Services office.

Is the procedure painful?

The Vancouver endodontist (such as Mercato Dental root canal specialist) will use anesthesia so you will not experience any pain.

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